I like excercise. I like a healthy body – Erin Gray

I like excercise. I like a healthy body – Erin Gray




Time flies by so quickly – I cannot believe that it´s been a whole weekend and some since I last blogged. Have you been busy ? Time flies, and I try in the meantime to find a balance between all I want to do: Be good at what I work with, train more, play tennis, blogging regularly and have quality time with family. Among other things. Trying mostly to be on top of all the items every day. Sometimes it goes, sometimes not. I don´t want to do anything halfway, so now I’m trying as best I can to find a rhythm. In time, I might have the balance figured out. Today was one of those days where more things can be crossed off my list: work, workout, blogging. Have some more things to do, then I´ll call it a day. New day, new possibilities tomorrow!


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