Best bikini tip and Quantum of the Seas cruise planner

Best bikini tip and Quantum of the Seas cruise planner

Good morning from New York, The Big Apple!

I´m just going to land a few minutes in the lobby of our hotel to update you. Although it´s been vacation time, our schedule has been non-stop. There shall be no doubt that I have gotten the most out of my days in London and New York prior to our two weeks cruise to Bahamas (baby)!! Mom has made sure that we have loads to do, and it´s all been so memorable! I´ve taken a lot of photos and I´ll put them on the blog eventually.

We´re soon off to New Jersey to go on the world´s largest cruise ship, Quantum of the seas!! I really don´t know what to expect, but I think it will be awwweesome! Like mind-blowing! Just have a look at this:


The free fall simulator is the first of it´s kind to be installed on a cruise ship! 


«Playground» with bumper cars and roller skating ring!


The North Star, also the first of it´s kind, providing a soaring view from high in the air. 


We have an all inclusive package, including food and all types of beverages. Each evening mom has booked tables with different people. 


Bionic Bar! Robotic «bartenders» mix your drink in under 60 seconds!


North Star spins a whole 180 degrees!


Our room is a dobbel deluxe room with a balcony!


I can´t wait to go up with the North Star!


Our first show is Mamma Mia! Each evening there will be entertainment, shows, stand-up, live music. 


Royal Caribbeans Quantum of the Seas: «The world´s most high tec cruise ship»!


I have to try the wind tunnel!


And of course the surf simulator!

Here is how our cruise trip looks like over the next 12 days:

  • 12. april: We leave port with Quantum of the Seas from Cape Liberty, New Jersey
  • 13. april: Cruising
  • 14. april: Cruising
  • 15. april: Labadee, Haiti
  • 16. april: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 17. april: Philipsburg, St. Maarten
  • 18. april: Fort de France, Martinique
  • 19. april: Bridgetown, Barbados
  • 20. april: Basseterre, St. Kitts
  • 21. april: Cruising
  • 22. april: Cruising
  • 23. april: Cruising
  • 24. april: Arrival Cape Liberty, New Jersey and flight from New York to London
  • 25. april: London
  • 26. april: Back to Norway

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime! So amazingly many places to see, so much to do – and all with my wonderful mom, and thanks to my mom!

I arrived in London with a full luggage. But no bikinis or sunscreen! Haha! Well prepared for a 12 days cruise in other words… Well, I had bikinis from last year, but I just thought that this is the perfect opportunity to fill up with new ones, and shop 😀 In a mad dash, in between nails, hair styling and body prep, I found four (!) bikinis at River Island in Canary Wharf and Aeropostale in Times Square, New York! QUANTUM OF THE SEAS, HERE WE COME!

Christina Mihaela Carare tennis bikini

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