Kick Training Strømsbu

Kick Training Strømsbu

A well-deserved coffee break: Owners of Kick Training Jan Aksel and Tone thank all who volunteered yesterday for help so far ! When the evening came almost all of the exercise equipment from Stoa was moved to the new location at Strømsbu – the place where next Saturday volunteers again are welcome to help paint, assemble, clean up, make presentable what will be Arendal´s newest training centre.

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Saturday December 5th the stage was set for the first volunteer-day in due to the fact that my sponsor Kick Training will move residence after 10 successful years at Stoa to newly refurbished, large local at Strømsbusletta. It was so nice to see so many kind helpers in place at Stoa already at 9am and within half an hour the men were well underway to dismantle, carry and load up the heavy exercise equipment. It there anything heavier than moving a gym ?! 😀 Still the atmosphere was good and we looked at the work to be done as a good workout, of course!

Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-2 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-3 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-5 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-6 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-7 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-8 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-9Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-11 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-12 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-13 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-15 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-16 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-17

I joined owner Tone and boxer Christina in the new building at Strømsbu, where as of 4th of January 2016 is Kick Training his new department. The girls were well underway sweeping the floors and preparing space for the exercise equipment. The first thing that struck me when I saw the location was how cool it seemed to have a fitness center in what was previously a dairy factory (!) – It was an industrial, «rough» but still colorful. Tone showed me around and told about everything that is going to be there, which is quite a lot:

  • crosstraining zone
  • slamball wall
  • area with tires to hit with a hammer or to flip for a workout 
  • separate room for weightlifting
  • cardio room 
  • own space for running classes 
  • separate room for indoor and cycling classes
  • boxing ring
  • running track

In addition to personal trainer offers, solarium, shop, locker rooms, and free parking. The same classes that are offered at Kick Training at Krøgenes, will also be set up at Strømsbu. And the areal? 900 sqm! In other words, there is something for everyone here!

I think this is going to be totally awesome! Spacey, tough, inviting and motivating to get a good workout done! But first the place must be completed. Next Saturday, December 12th, Kick Training invites again to voluntary assistance «to reproduce the soul and the good training environment we have has all years at Stoa»! I have already set time in my calendar for this, and I look forward to helping to create a positive training environment in Arendal 🙂

PS: Although Kick Training is my workout-sponsor I volunteered free-willed to help and I write this post because I wanted to contribute to create this sporty environment and to spread the word about the new workout offer in Arendal-town 🙂

Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-22 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-25 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-27 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-28Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-36 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-29 Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-30Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-20Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-21Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-19Christina-Mihaela-Carare-Kick-trening-training-fitness-workout-Strømsbu-18

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Competition: Tomorrow I will arrange the first of three Christmas competitions here on the blog, in collaboration with Kick Training , where every week until Christmas you can win a sports bag from Kick Training with a value of 400 NOK! So you will be equipped to exercise in the New Year ! 😀

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